Green and grey bin collection days will change from Monday 6 November 2017

Green and grey bin collection days and weeks are changing at the beginning of November 2017. These changes will affect the majority of households in the borough.

Why are my bin collections changing again?


During September and October we are delivering a new calendar to all households who have green and grey bins. Please put this in a safe place, it contains your new collection dates and tells you when we will empty your bins over the Christmas period.

Making the change

Your bin collections will continue on existing collection days until Friday 3 November 2017.

During week commencing Monday 6 November 2017 we will empty your grey rubbish bin and green recycling bin on your NEW collection day. We are emptying all grey and green bins this week, even if they were emptied the week before.

During week commencing Monday 13 November 2017 we will collect from half of the properties in the borough, and during week commencing Monday 20 November 2017 we will collect from the other half.

You need to………….

    • Put your bins out by 6.30am on your new collection day

As part of the changes our crews will be starting work earlier.
From Monday 6 November you must put both bins out before 6.30am on your new collection day.


We will collect green bins first and grey bins later on in the day.

Present your bins at the edge of your property so they are accessible for the collection team. We will not return for bins that are not out for collection.