Clinical Infectious Waste

This includes items such as wound dressings, swabs and bandages contaminated with blood or other bodily fluid / secretions that are infectious or potentially infectious and renal dialysis waste. This is classified as hazardous waste and should never be put into your grey, green or brown bin.

Clinical / Infectious Waste is collected in orange or yellow bags by a specialist contractor on behalf of Walsall Council.

If you produce this type of waste you will need to complete an application form telling us what, and how much waste you produce. We may visit your home to ensure the service you receive meets your needs.

Collections are usually made on Tuesday’s. The frequency of your collections will depend upon how much and what type of waste you produce, we will let you know the arrangements for your collections once we have received and processed your application.Your details (name, address, telephone number, amount of waste and the collection point) will be shared with our contractor and will be processed in line with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.